Parent/Student Portal

Parent & Student Portal Overview

District 49 provides parent and student portals to allow authorized individuals to login and access grades, class schedules, attendance histories, assignments information and other student information, including messages from teachers. The portals are hosted by Infinite Campus, and designed to increase communication between schools and their families. Parents are able to monitor their student’s progress and see what assignments are due. The goal of providing this tool is to help our students be more successful in school.
Log Into Parent or Student Portal
District Access Code: JYCKBB

How We Create Accounts

  • New Parents: Parents who are new to District 49 receive an email with an activation code. That code allows them to create their own accounts.
  • New Students: Student accounts are automatically created daily. Usernames are student numbers, and passwords are <first name initial><last name initial><date of birth MMDDYY> format=flmmddyy.
  • Current Parents: Current District 49 parents requesting a new portal account must contact the Parent Portal administrator by using the form on this page. If you forgot your username and password and have not setup your security preferences, contact us by using this form.

Register Your Parent Portal Account

Parent Portal Security Preferences

After you received your activation key, log into Parent Portal (opens in new window) and follow these instructions:

  1. From the portal login page, click “Help”
  2. Select the link indicating that you have been assigned a portal activation key
  3. After the activation screen displays, enter your activation key. Once a key is used to create an account, it cannot be used again. If you receive a message stating the key has already been used, then it’s expired and the account is already created.
  4. Click “Submit.” The activation key will be verified, and when approved, a screen will prompt you to create a username and password.
  5. Enter a username. It is best to use an alphanumeric username (containing both letters and numbers).
  6. Enter a password. Again, it is best to use an alphanumeric password. Passwords should be at least six characters long. A strong password meets three of the four characteristics:
    1. Lower case letter (a, j, r, …)
    2. Upper case letter (A, J, R, …)
    3. Number (3, 7, 1, …)
    4. Symbol (@, %, &, …)
  7. Re-enter the password in the password verification field.
  8. Select “Yes” to setup your security preferences. By the third login, security preference updates are required. To recover a forgotten password or username, a valid security email address is required, along with eight “dislike” and “like” images must be selected. Picture images are used to confirm an identity during a password recovery process via the forgotten password or username links.

Add PassKey For Infinite Campus

PassKeys The PassKey Manager offers you a single sign-on option for third party websites, like Infinite Campus. Register or sign in right now to try this feature out. When you sign in, you’ll find a “My PassKeys” link in the upper-right corner of this page. Click “Add New PassKey” and choose the Infinite Campus key. When you add it, you’ll see it popup in your My PassKeys window. The first time you use the key, you’ll be prompted to log in. After that, your Infinite Campus username and password will be stored in your profile, allowing you to click through into the portal without needing to log in again.

Get The Infinite Campus Mobile App

InfiniteCampus offers a free mobile app from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon AppStore. It allows access to grades and assignments on the go. After your portal is setup, install the app on your smartphone or tablet. It will ask for this district access code: JYCKBB.
Push notifications are available. To receive push notifications for attendance and grade events, you must allow the app’s notifications in your mobile device’s settings.