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What My First Grader Will Learn

First Grade Teachers

Sue Haslinger

Hi, I am Sue Haslinger and have been part of the Imagine family for 6 years. I am blessed by the great students and their families who partner in education with us here.I am a Colorado native who was raised by two educators and have many educators in my family.My dad fostered a love of education both in and out of school for myself, my siblings, nieces, nephews and my own children.I feel that has translated to my own grandson who loves to read and has a curiosity about the world. My goal for my classroom is that my students will love learning the way that I grew up to. I love teaching 1st graders who are eager to learn and soak up all that I have to offer.I feel blessed to be able to teach Core Knowledge curriculum within a Classical style education that provides a rich educational experience to my students.