ICA Promotes Wellness on the Playround

For many years at ICA, our students have had a very small area for outdoor play, resulting in a host of injuries especially with 120 – 200 students on the playground at every recess slot.  Even with the few balls students would bring to school, kids were limited in their movement and activity level.  Our school received ELO funding from District 49 which we used to build a bigger playground with artificial turf and a smooth hardtop area for kids to play ball games.  Even with this amazing new playground, we still were not seeing an increase in activity until receiving grant money that allowed us to purchase a variety of playground balls, soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs as well as a large cart to transport them to the playground each day.  Once the cart of balls hit the playground, it was amazing to see all the kids in constant motion with every ball being used.  It has really changed the overall activity level on our playground.

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