Middle School Students Perform in “The Pirates of Penzance”

Middle school students performed in the musical “The Pirates of Penzance” April 24 at Imagine Classical Academy Indigo Ranch. Directed by Frank Fowler, principal, and Gina Green, music teacher, the story follows Frederic, an apprentice to a band of pirates, and his return to civilization. “[The students] worked so hard,” said Green, explaining that the cast has been rehearsing since January.

The musical was hosted in the school’s gym, where the stage was composed of nine interlocking units than can be adjusted based on need. The cast performed for their classmates and parents.

Seventh-grader Brandin Williams said the experience helped with his confidence on stage. “It let me come of my shell,” he said, explaining that he would participate in a musical again.

Green explained that some of the cast had never participated in a musical, and that the experience is “a key component of a well-rounded education.”

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