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It is my great pleasure to write an autobiography as the Principal teacher at Imagine Classical Academy. I can’t think of a more rewarding opportunity than to be right here, right now, supporting our community to offer young people our particular brand of education, with a classical approach. My first dream was to be a performer. When I got to college I discovered dance and spent years working to get good at Broadway Jazz dance. My wife and I met in college and went to Los Angeles to pursue a career in professional theater. We loved our time in the big city, and I achieved a level of success in theater, television and film. What I discovered was that I like telling stories and working with children. The birth of our two sons, one in L.A. and one in Boulder, secured my love of teaching and learning. I spent 13 years teaching. The majority of my teaching career I spent at a Core Knowledge academy just like this one. I have been an administrator for many years, in a wide range of school environments and I am confident our curricular sequence is the best approach to giving students a rigorous, well rounded understanding of our world including history, the arts, classic literature, math and science. You have made a choice to attend to our academy and I applaud you for taking the time to make a considerate choice.


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Imagine Classical Academy Indigo Ranch positively shapes the hearts and minds of its students by providing them with an academically rigorous and content-rich curriculum in a learning environment of high expectations for student achievement. We model and promote character within a collaborative community that is based on trusting relationships.